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We welcome people from all backgrounds to our services. People who are Christians, people who are unsure, people who are just curious, and those seeking faith. We want to make sure you feel comfortable attending Church with us so we have pulled together a list of frequently asked questions below. If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please get in touch at

Will there be anywhere to park?
All our venues have car parking outside or nearby. Please see Where to Find Us

What do I have to wear?
Come as you like - you don't have to dress a certain way. Some people wear jeans and t-shirts, a few wear suits, most folk are somewhere in the middle! Basically, you can wear what you want. Some people turn up in their ski gear, fresh from the piste!


Do I need to bring money?
No. Our regulars leave their money offerings for the church on a stand as they go in.  But you don’t have to give money. There's no collection taken in the service.

When I arrive, what will happen?
When you arrive, you will be greeted at the door by one of the Welcome Team. They'll say hello and maybe shake your hand - that's all! Oh, and they’ll give you a Bible if you want one. Most folk take a Bible from the Welcome Team. Then you can go in and sit where you like to wait for the service to begin. 

If I come to a service, how will I know what to do?
Our services are very simple. There will be singing (with words on a screen), reading from the Bible (these will be given to you), prayer and a sermon. We only stand up to sing. The page numbers for Bible readings are given out, so you won't be wondering where on earth Jonah is in the Bible. 

Do I have to sing?
No. If you're uncomfortable singing or don't know the words, no-one will mind. Some of the folk who already come don’t know some of the songs, so you won’t stand out.

What if I have children with me?
At our morning service in Kilmallie, there’s either a Sunday School or Crèche for children. 

What happens after?
Tea, coffee, juice and water (and biscuit, if you’re lucky!) are usually available after the service, if you’d like to stay behind. Or you can leave straight away, it’s up to you.

What about help for the mobility impaired or hard of hearing?
Our churches are accessible for those with disabilities, including wheelchair users. There’s plenty of parking right outside Acharacle Free Church. At Kilmallie Free Church, there are a small number of parking spaces next to the church that we try to keep free for the elderly and mobility impaired (including one marked disabled parking space). At Kilmallie there’s an induction loop – just switch to ‘T’ if you have a hearing aid.

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